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Send your friends and family a special message they'll never forget! We'll record a personalized video with one of our magical creatures and deliver it to your loved one over email. Makes a great gift for graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or just because!


Some Stories



Janice was the very first goat here at the sanctuary. She arrived as a baby unable to walk. After much love, therapy and a set of prosthetics, Janice, now a bit older, was ready to leave Helena's house and become an outside goat. Helena knew she would need a companion to begin the new chapter of her life. Enter Tom. Tom was rescued after losing much of his eyesight and not being able to fend for himself in the wild. When he arrived, he was terrified of humans and didn't want to leave his stall. However, when Janice was brought to him, she approached him and gently put her face near his. He lifted his head, looking up at her with his good eye, and that was that. They became tightly bonded and spend most of their time closely together, including at night when they share that same stall. Although he's still a bit shy around people, he always stands protectively by Janice whenever people go near her. Janice is a warrior princess and can take care of herself. However, she always tells Tom how much she appreciates his loyal bravery.


Chika was rescued from a meat farm. She was loved by her rescuer, but when she had to move out of her house, she no longer had a safe space for Chika. She also wanted her to have sheep friends because solitary sheep get very lonely. Cyril was rescued from another meat farm by neighbors who noticed he wasn't thriving. It turned out Cyril was born with a congenital heart condition (an enlarged heart) and required multiple daily medications. His rescuers were happy to cover his medical expenses, but wanted him to find a home where not only his medical needs could be met, but also his social needs. Unfortunately, we soon realized his heart condition would keep him from safely joining the big herd. Fortunately however, Chika decided to stay by his side in the special needs pasture. This bonded pair is inseparable and can frequently be found napping together intertwined.



Kiwi was found as a young adult, by the side of the road unable to walk. Once here, he ate and drank eagerly. He soon started to move around, so we assume he was suffering from weakness due to starvation and/or dehydration. A part of each wing has a disfigured feather, called Angel Wings. They're a result of poor nutrition as a duckling, and this means he will never fly. Peep was found alone the day she hatched. She possibly hadn't yet hatched when her family was scared away. She grew up here, transforming from a little yellow fuzzball into a beautiful white girl. Although, Kiwi had no interest in befriending her when she was little, once she got a bit older that all changed. Today, he's madly in love with her, following her wherever she goes. Although she can fly away and likes to stand on the roof, she prefers to stay on the ground next to her loving boyfriend.

Personalized VideoGram

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